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It’s Time To End

IT’S TIME TO END TB: Empowering Action Seminar

The Nursing Department at RAU organized a seminar on “IT’S TIME TO END TB.” The event brought together prominent experts in the field, Dr. Aya Assaf, an esteemed specialist in Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, and Infectious Diseases, and Mrs. Fatima Fneish, a distinguished Pharm D with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Microbiology.

During the seminar, the guest speakers shed light on the historical aspects of Tuberculosis and delved into the factors that put individuals at risk of contracting this infectious disease. Also, the speakers emphasized the importance of early diagnosis, proper treatment, and raising awareness to prevent further spread of the disease. Their compelling discussions served as a call to action for all attendees, inspiring them to actively participate in the collective effort to end TB.

Amidst the audience, two of our students, Ghadir Dekmak and Nisreen Eisa, played a crucial role by actively engaging in the discussions and sharing their perspectives.



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