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AMR: The Silent New Pandemic

“Combatting AMR: Uniting Forces and Insights in the Seminar ‘AMR: The Silent New Pandemic'”

The Nursing and Medical Laboratory Departments at RAU joined forces to address the pressing issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in a seminar entitled “AMR: The Silent New Pandemic.” Esteemed guest speakers, Mr. Mahdi Kazan, a specialist with a Masters in Industrial Pharmacy, and Mrs. Fatima Fneish, a distinguished Pharm D with a Masters in Pharmaceutical Microbiology, led the discussion on the critical topic of AMR and emphasized the necessary actions to combat its emergence.

During the seminar, the speakers shed light on the implications of AMR and the challenges it poses to global health. They highlighted the role of laboratory contributions in reducing AMR and underlined the significance of collaborative efforts in curbing the spread of resistant microbes.

Integral to the event’s success were the valuable contributions of three students, namely Fatima Kashakesh, Layla Gharib, and Rana Haydar. Their active involvement and insightful perspectives added depth to the discussions, showcasing the commitment of RAU’s students to addressing significant health threats like AMR.



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