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Medical Radiography

Medical Radiography


About this Major

A Bachelor’s degree in Radiography is an undergraduate program that focuses on the principles and practices of radiography. It trains students to work as radiographers or radiologic technologists, who employ imaging technology to create medical images used in patient diagnosis and treatment.

The program involves classroom education, laboratory training, and clinical experiences and normally lasts three years to finish. Radiation physics, radiation safety, radiographic imaging techniques, anatomy, physiology, patient care, and medical ethics are among the topics covered in the program.

X-ray radiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), fluoroscopy, and mammography are just a few of the imaging modalities that students in the Radiography Sciences program study. They learn how to arrange patients, use imaging technology, set technical settings, and guarantee image quality.

The program includes clinical experiences in which students work closely with patients in healthcare settings while being supervised by seasoned radiologic technologists. These clinical rotations offer practical instruction and support students’ professional development in a real-world healthcare environment.

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